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1 janvier 2019 (5 événements)

  • Framed photograph of gabrielle giffords stands amongst candles at a picture id107942459?s=170x170

    AZ: 8th January 2011 - US Representative Gabrielle Giffords Shot

    17 images
  • Three quarter length seated portrait of author jerome david salinger picture id1081505006?s=170x170

    UNS: 1st January 1919: Catcher In The Rye Author JD Salinger Born 100 Years Ago

    18 images
  • Fidel castro is shown here crossing his arms and surrounded by the picture id514968108?s=170x170

    UNS: 1st January 1959: 60 Years Since Castro Seized Power In Cuba

    11 images
  • Agreement in washington left to right bill clinton jimmy carter ford picture id593271256?s=170x170

    UNS: 1st January 1994: 25 Years Since NAFTA Signed

    9 images
  • Mayor of gdansk pawel adamowicz speaking is seen in gdansk poland on picture id949655208?s=170x170

    UNS: RIP: Names We Lost In January

    20 images

2 janvier 2019 (2 événements)

  • Photo of nancy spungen and sid vicious and lemmy with girlfriend picture id85064385?s=170x170

    UNS: 2nd January 1979: 40 Years Since Start Of Sid Vicious' Trial For Murder

    15 images
  • American model christy turlington picture id542360330?s=170x170

    UNS: 2nd January: Happy 50th Birthday Christy Turlington

    19 images

3 janvier 2019 (3 événements)

  • President eisenhower reveals the american flag with fortynine stars video id661505963?s=170x170

    UNS: 60 Years Since Alaska Became the 49th US State

    6 films
  • An obese man sings as a motorized belt vibrates on his stomach picture id517322662?s=170x170

    UNS: Exercising Your New Year's Resolutions, Archive-Style

    27 images
  • The surface of the far side of the moon photographed by the crew of picture id113917704?s=170x170

    UNS: The Far Side Of The Moon

    11 images

4 janvier 2019 (1 événement)

  • Speaker of the house nancy pelosi listens to reporters questions picture id97802565?s=170x170

    UNS: A Look At House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

    34 images

5 janvier 2019 (1 événement)

  • Travelogue in twocolor cosmocolor process showing sights of san the video id143272844?s=170x170

    CA: 05 Jan 1933 - Construction Begins On The Golden Gate Bridge

    19 films

6 janvier 2019 (2 événements)

  • Singer ian curtis of manchester rock group joy division manchester picture id84923717?s=170x170

    GBR: Shot On This Day 6th January 1979: Joy Division 40 Years Ago

    15 images
  • Figure skating world championships portrait of usa tonya harding picture id81353376?s=170x170

    UNS: 6th January 1994 - US Skater Nancy Kerrigan Attacked

    14 images

7 janvier 2019 (3 événements)

  • 1940s a youthsized baseball cap for the new york yankees that was in picture id81601081?s=170x170

    NY: Quintessential New York - The City In 20 Pictures

    17 images
  • The great fire of the equitable life insurance company in new york picture id515508220?s=170x170

    UNS: In The Vintage Mid-Winter

    23 images
  • American professional bodybuilder jack delinger winner of the 1956 mr picture id1077133846?s=170x170

    UNS: New Finds From The Archive: December Highlights

    100 images

8 janvier 2019 (2 événements)

  • David bowie performs rebel rebel on the tv show toppop on 7th 1974 picture id107206089?s=170x170

    UNS: 8th January 1947: David Bowie Born On This Day

    73 images
  • Woman watches president reagans image on multiple televisions at a picture id524338932?s=170x170

    UNS: Flashback: Watching The President On TV

    24 images

9 janvier 2019 (2 événements)

  • The full hunters moon rises behind the chrysler building in new york picture id1058990804?s=170x170

    NY: In The News: The Iconic Chrysler Building Is Up For Sale

    23 images
  • Photo of led zeppelin and jimmy page jimmy page performing live at picture id86118351?s=170x170

    UNS: 9th January 1944 - Guitarist Jimmy Page Born On This Day

    27 images

10 janvier 2019 (3 événements)

  • Vintage 45 rpm records picture id629428955?s=170x170

    UNS: 10th January 1949 - RCA Launch The 45 RPM Format

    25 images
  • American actor james gandolfini as tony soprano smokes a cigar while picture id50555794?s=170x170

    UNS: 10th January 1999 - 'The Sopranos' Premieres On TV

    20 images
  • Salesman demonstrating victor phonograph in store customers victor 45 video id510447495?s=170x170

    UNS: 70 Years Since RCA Launched The 45 RPM Record

    1 film

12 janvier 2019 (2 événements)

  • Photo of the jackson five jermaine jackson jackie jackson tito and picture id84892761?s=170x170

    MI: 12th January 1959: Motown Records Founded

    49 images
  • Jets fans wave their hands and a flag during super bowl iii featuring picture id51454499?s=170x170

    UNS: 12th January 1969 - NY Jets Win Super Bowl III

    16 images

14 janvier 2019 (5 événements)

  • San francisco ca mr and mrs film star marilyn monroe and former joe picture id517212694?s=170x170

    UNS: 14th January 1954 - Joe DiMaggio Weds Marilyn Monroe

    12 images
  • Aired 4473 pictured elvis presley during a live performance at in picture id138463874?s=170x170

    UNS: 14th January 1973 - Elvis Presley's Aloha From Hawaii Is Broadcast

    20 images
  • Attorney jerry geisler entering judges chambers shaking hands with video id139250963?s=170x170

    UNS: 65 Years Since Joe DiMaggio Wed Marilyn Monroe

    18 films
  • British pop duo bros consisting of twin brothers matt and luke goss picture id3074583?s=170x170

    UNS: Bros Return Again

    21 images
  • John sebastian cofounder of the band the lovin spoonful stands of picture id599351214?s=170x170

    UNS: Fashion Archive - On Trend Tie Dye

    28 images

15 janvier 2019 (3 événements)

  • Martin luther king leading march from selma to montgomery to protest picture id525580854?s=170x170

    UNS: 15th January 1929 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Born On This Day

    15 images
  • Martin luther king jr and other civil rights leaders led several and video id464662392?s=170x170

    UNS: 90 Years Since Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birth

    28 films
  • 30th april 1970 carol channing the american actress arrives in london picture id3309986?s=170x170

    UNS: Carol Channing Dies At 97

    59 images

16 janvier 2019 (4 événements)

  • Photo of aaliyah picture id85235510?s=170x170

    UNS: 16 January 1979: Aaliyah Born On This Day

    20 images
  • Onlookers watch as suited men stand in front of a large copper kettle picture id90002554?s=170x170

    UNS: 16th January 1919 - Prohibition Ratified By US Congress

    28 images
  • President barack obama and british prime minister david cameron eat a picture id141261324?s=170x170

    UNS: Fast Food Feasts - Archive Style

    30 images
  • Men break bottles of liquor with hammers during prohibition video id665136063?s=170x170

    USA: 100 Years Since Prohibition Ratified

    32 films

17 janvier 2019 (5 événements)

  • Michelle obama speaks at broward college michelle obama speaks at video id154787323?s=170x170

    DC: Michelle Obama Turns 55

    71 films
  • The battle of cassino januarymay 1944 ruined shell of the monte a picture id154446215?s=170x170

    ITA: 17th January 1944 - WWII: The Battle Of Monte Cassino Begins

    23 images
  • Point of the mountain utah an executioners view through the canvas picture id515406652?s=170x170

    UNS: 17th January 1977 - Convicted Murderer Gary Gilmore Executed

    15 images
  • Aeria view of wrecked cars litter the connector ramp from interstate picture id145949293?s=170x170

    UNS: 17th January 1994: The Northridge Earthquake Hit Southern California

    48 images
  • German soldiers take cover in the ruins of a monastery on the top of video id518375649?s=170x170

    UNS: 75 Years Since the Battle of Monte Cassino Begins

    18 films

18 janvier 2019 (1 événement)

  • Scottish actor sean connery as fictional secret agent james bond sits picture id52089328?s=170x170

    UNS: Suits You: Screen Stars Playing Cards

    30 images

20 janvier 2019 (2 événements)

  • Barack h obama is sworn in by chief justice john roberts as the 44th picture id84372145?s=170x170

    DC: 20th January, 2009 - Barack Obama Sworn In As American President

    16 images
  • Pres dick nixon delivering his inaugural address w notables incl vp picture id50433945?s=170x170

    UNS: 20th January 1969 - Richard Nixon's Inauguration As 37th President

    20 images

21 janvier 2019 (1 événement)

  • Russian revolutionary vladimir lenin delivers a speech at a rally video id663402733?s=170x170

    UNS: 95 Years Since the Death of Soviet Leader Vladimir Lenin

    13 films

24 janvier 2019 (4 événements)

  • Daily news front page march 6 headline belushi dies at 33 john dies picture id479820206?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) 70 Years Since Birth Of John Belushi

    10 images
  • American computer magnate and cofounder of apple computer steve jobs picture id71060565?s=170x170

    UNS: 24th January 1984 - The First Apple Macintosh Computer Went On Sale

    26 images
  • Ted bundys image on a television screen on the lawn of the florida picture id515328254?s=170x170

    UNS: 24th January 1989: Serial Killer Ted Bundy Executed

    17 images
  • Close shot of screen showing email woman sending email and people at video id98124447?s=170x170

    UNS: Jan 24th 1984 - The First Apple Macintosh Computer Went On Sale

    19 films

26 janvier 2019 (1 événement)

  • American actors john schneider catherine bach and tom wopat in a picture id166977814?s=170x170

    UNS: 26th January 1979 - Television Show The Dukes Of Hazzard Debuts

    18 images

29 janvier 2019 (2 événements)


31 janvier 2019 (2 événements)

  • Circa 1945 a portrait of the brooklyn dodgers infielder jackie in picture id3203656?s=170x170

    UNS: (FILE) 100 Years Since Birth Of Jackie Robinson

    25 images
  •  video id2028 16?s=170x170

    UNS: 100 Years Since Birth Of Jackie Robinson

    38 films

1 février 2019 (1 événement)

  • Portrait of dutch painter piet mondrian january 17 1942 in new york picture id53466133?s=170x170

    NY: 1st February 1944 - 75 Years Since Death Of Artist Piet Mondrian

    16 images

2 février 2019 (3 événements)

  • London 1964 picture id73908583?s=170x170

    GBR: Photographer Profile: 60's Rock Icons in London by Cyrus Andrews

    28 images
  • Singer sid vicious of the sex pistols at the electric ballroom in picture id112050108?s=170x170

    UNS: 2nd February: 40 Years Since Sex Pistol Sid Vicious Found Dead

    25 images
  • Model christie brinkley wearing venetianblind sunglasses by rd picture id511136290?s=170x170

    UNS: Happy 65th Birthday, Christie Brinkley

    20 images