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Inside the New York Maimonides Medical Centre during epidemic of Covid-19

VOICED: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the city's hospitals are overwhelmed by Covid-19 -- and "just days away from D-Day". This week, the number of U.S recorded daily deaths topped a thousand for the first time - and the White House is debating whether to advise residents in hotspots to wear masks all the time. SHOWS: people working in hospital, anon patient under bedding on hospital bed, reporter walking with doctor in hospital and medical staff working. Anon patients hands with tubes and anon patient and chest breathing in hospital bed, medical staff wearing PPE working inside hospital, staff treating anon patient on hospital bed inside a tent at the front of hospital and refrigerated lorry parked outside the front of hospital. INTERVIEW with CENTRE Dr EITAN DICKMAN at the Maimonides Medical Centre on 3rd April 2020 in New York, United States.