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The zombies speak in Haiti in March, 1982.

HAITI - MARCH 01: Narcisse with his large family in the native village of Ester - Haiti - Clairvius Narcisse was declared dead in Albert Schweitzer Hospital at 1:15 AM on May 2, 1962, and buried in l'Estere the next day, covered by a memorial slab ten days later - However, he returned to his village in 1980, where he met his sister Angelina, introducing himself with a name that only intimate family members had known - He claimed that he had been through zombification - A scar on his right cheek shows where a nail had hit him while being buried in Haiti in March, 1982. (Photo by Jean-Claude FRANCOLON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
The zombies speak in Haiti in March, 1982.
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