• Artiste : Charlie Chamberlain; Steel String Theory; Seedysea; Countries
  • Titre : Our Romance
  • Genre musical : Country - Alternative
  • Ambiance : Déprimé / sombre / mélancolique, Sentimental/Ballade
  • Vitesse : Lent (45-63)
  • Instruments : Batterie, Guitare acoustique (guitare, banjo, mandoline), Ethnique, Percussions, Tous les autres, Basse
  • Type de titre : Lyric - Full Length
  • Date d'ajout : 26/07/2010
  • Thèmes : Voyage, Faire l'amour, Etre amoureux, passion, Indépendance, Attachement
  • Paroles :  
  • Mots-clés : Cœur brisé, Pop, Chansons d'amour / romance, Musique country

A propos de Charlie Chamberlain; Steel String Theory; Seedysea; Countries

Charlie is an innovative, versatile guitarist, songwriter, touring artist, producer and educator. Over the last decade he has performed regularly throughout the United States and been a featured artist in 18 foreign countries. His most recent release "Old and New" was critically acclaimed by college radio in the US, Stereomuse.com called it "..a remarkably coherent new look at Americana classics." Charlie is a certified expert Protools operator and his productions have been featured on History ...

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