Silver Bullets Music Library

Malibu, CA United States

Genres musicaux :Disco, Funk, Reggae / dub, Sons de la nature, Electronique - Trip Hop / tempo lent, Production - Musique électronique, Electronique - Electro, Electronique - Ambient, Production - Hip Hop, Hip-hop - Pop / moderne, Production - Pop, Hip-hop - Pop / moderne, Production - Rock, Musique spécialisée - Musique promotionnelle, Production - Pop, Musique spécialisée - Dramatique / émotions, Production - Hip Hop, Production - Musique électronique, Production - Rock, World - Ethnic Electronica, Latino - Rock
Bio : Silver Bullets Music Library is a new production music catalog resulting from a creative collaboration of the music industry's most successful producers and composers. It offers the crème de la crème in a variety of genres ranging from heart pounding trailer music and sweeping film scores to hair raising horror tracks and tension building underscores. Each track is hand-picked for the highest quality and usability profile. In post, every day is a battle...let us be your secret weapon in the war against musical mediocrity
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