Barry Gremillion

Van Nuys, CA United States

Genres musicaux :Folk, Gospel / chants religieux, Classique - Opéra, Classique - Moderne / avant-garde, Country - Alternative, Jazz - Swing / big band, Jazz - Latino , Jazz - Jazz pop / light jazz, Jazz - Fusion, Jazz - Free jazz / avant-garde jazz, Jazz - Dixieland / ragtime, Jazz - Be-bop / traditionnel, Pop - Adolescents, Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Pop - Musique populaire, Musique spécialisée - Bandes sonores alternatives, Musique spécialisée - Dramatique / émotions, Musique spécialisée - Cinématique, Rock - Vintage Rock/Pop, Rock -Roots rock, Rock - Pop rock, Rock - New wave, Rock - Rock indépendant, Rock -Hard rock / classique, Rock - Expérimental / post-rock, Rock - Rock alternatif, Rock - Pop alternative , Blues - Electrique, Blues - Acoustique , Latin - Jazz
Bio : There is no "band." I am a composer writing for various ensembles from chamber orchestra, string quartets, choral music, jazz combos, pop/rock bands. I write in many styles - classical, jazz, pop, rock. I hire the appropriate players for each session so the "band" changes from project to project. I have written and produced many hours of music which is available for licensing.
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