Andrew Hannigan

Wakefield, MA United States

Genres musicaux :Reggae / dub, Electronique - House / dance / progressive, Electronique - Expérimental, Musique électronique - Dubstep, Electronique - Drum and bass / jungle, Electronique - Ambient, Hip-hop - Pop / moderne, Hip-hop - Expérimental / alternatif, Hip-hop - Pop / moderne, R&B - Moderne / Urban Contemporary
Bio : Hey! I'm Andrew Hannigan and I'm an independent musician/producer from the North Shore of Massachusetts. I produce music spanning many genres, from hip hop to house electro. I also sing and write, and play multiple instruments including guitar, violin, mandolin, and piano. If you can't find a track you're looking for on Pump, please feel free to email me at so we can get started on crafting a custom track for your project. Be well and keep supporting independent artists!
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