Tord J. Project

Skovde, Skovde Sweden

Bio : I’ve been into music since a very early age. I started playing piano when I was a kid and then moved on to guitar. I also play bass and some drums.

My first band, Pow, was a three piece. We played The Jam covers. They were our heroes. And I think we turned some of our friends in school into mods ;-)

I then started playing bass in a blues band. I then moved to Gothenburg where I wrote songs and played in a couple of bands. After that on to Stockholm. I began to write songs with a couple of people and played in a few bands. Then I moved back to my hometown. A small town where I started playing with JK Knox amongst others in a band called PURE. JK Knox and me also formed the band Jellychoppers. We have played on and off for ten years now.

I have done my share of live gigs. But its the songwriting and recording process that is my thing. I write songs for other artists as well.
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