Jackson Walker

Wilmington, DE United States

Jack Walker Music
Genres musicaux :Classique - Opéra, Classique - Musique de chambre - baroque, Pop - Musique populaire, Musique spécialisée - Bandes sonores alternatives, Musique spécialisée - Musique promotionnelle, Musique spécialisée - Dramatique / émotions, Musique spécialisée - Cinématique, Rock - Métal / métal alternatif, Musiques du monde - Autres
Bio : Original Music for Film,
Television, Video Games and more

For nearly 2 decades Jackson Walker, has been lending his talents to the film, television, theater and music communities. Walker's skills span a wealth of instruments and disciplines. Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass and even trumpet have places in Walker's bag of tricks. His combined musical and computer savvy allow him to function as a well-rounded producer, engineer, arranger, orchestrator, and musician.

Jackson’s recording credits span a wide range of genres. He is accomplished in Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, World, Blues, New Age, Contemporary and Classical. He can be found on numerous recordings for Billboard charting artists and is currently composing for the Women's Entertainment hit series John Edward Cross Country. He composed the Main theme for A&E's Drill team and also composed for WE tv's Secret Lives of Women.
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