The Blacktails

NYC, NY United States

Bio :
Best described as "Stevie Ray Vaughan Meets Santana Meets the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack" - A nasty brew by The BlackTails

With influences drawn from American Roots Music to West Coast Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Surf Rock & Blues, The BlackTails are known for red hot musicianship and unique musical arrangements. The band blends a seamless fusion of classic songs and original material, with high energy performances and dynamic improvisation.

The group is comprised of players who have been deeply immersed in the NYC club and session scene for well over a decade. Individually they have shared the stage with blues giants like Muddy Waters and Clarence Gatemouth Brown as well as national acts like Little Feat, The Spin Doctors, Blues Travellers, and more. As they found themselves playing together as side men in various other projects, a connection developed and talk of bringing together a cohesive unit began to stir.

In May of 2004 the group was officially launched by a national producer who placed them in a summer residency at New York's prestigious Stanhope Park Hyatt nightclub lounge. It was there, along with other key New York venues, that they developed a strong and loyal home base following.

On the heels of their debut album, "Spy Lounge", Scotch Whiskey company Dewars drew them into the spotlight by licensing the track "Off the Rack" and promoting the group as a featured band in their 2006-2007 "Dewarisms" national advertising campaign.

Momentum continued to build during the summer of í07 through a series of festival appearances and radio play both in the US & overseas (Canada, Europe and the UK). The band re-pressed their album 2 times and buzz about the group began to build on social networks like myspace and other sites. Later that year they were invited to play at one of NYCís top venues, The Iridium, which sold out 3 weeks before their performance.

While the album ìSpy Loungeî features original material, the live show blows out to include classic Film Noir / T.V music themes, like Mission Impossible, James Bond, The Pink Panther and more. In the tradition of classic groups like The Ventures, and Booker T & The M.G's, as well as, modern pioneers like Brian Setzer, ìSpy Loungeî is a raucous cocktail of Groove, Vibe, and Fun.

Outside of touring and writing new material for The BlackTails, the founding members of the group Peter Farrell and David Blacker, are partners in a music studio and production business located in Manhattan's Soho district where they work as a writing, arranging and production team for film, television and the music industry. Their work has appeared in numerous commercials and television programs in the US and UK for well known brands like Fuse Network and Virgin Media. Together they also wrote and produced 2 roots based childrenís' albums ìBaby Bluesî and ìSwingsetî with partner Carl Fospero. Rounder Records took an interest in the project and began distribution nationally to chains like Borders Books and Zainey Brainey.
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