City Wide Walkie Talkie

Vancouver, BC Canada

Genres musicaux :Electronique - Trip Hop / tempo lent, Electronique - House / dance / progressive, Electronique - Ambient, Hip-hop - Expérimental / alternatif, Musique spécialisée - Musique promotionnelle
Bio : City Wide Walkie Talkie are a three-piece ensemble consisting of childhood friends Brian Longhurst (drums), Daryl Askey (keyboards), and Jamie Tait (bass guitar). Their influences range from obscure soul-funk to space rock to dub, and many sub-genres in between. It all began in 1999 as a recording project where keyboard, guitar, bass and percussion improvisations would be laid down over drum machine sequences.
The self-produced City Wide Walkie Talkie EP and Keep The Killing Up album resulted from this process. The group followed up with a second unique album, Planet of the Superspeakers, in 2005. Meanwhile, as Brian re-discovered his teenage love of drumming, CWWT headed off to rehearsals to evolve into a viable live unit. After playing a series of shows in and around Vancouver BC, the group has just completed a new recording project, “Brown 25.” It represents a real evolution of the City Wide sound: Twenty-five shorter, succinct tracks with head-nodding beats, warbling bass lines and groovy keys, punctuated by atmospherics, absurdity and humour.
Among the notable tracks are the sexy Callipygian Strut, the laid-back Summertime, and the dreamy, warped, but funky Brown Surprise.
Other offshoot projects include Integer, Subtitles and Team Leader.
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