Michael Burns

Calabasas, CA United States

Bio : Composers: Michael James Burns & Steve Gurevitch

What sets these composers apart goes beyond any particular genre or style. It is a unique feel that comes from an organic approach to composition and sound. Steve and Michael believe that good music does not simply nail a style or lock to a cut. It lives. It breathes.

Through years of working together they have found that collaboration is the key to their success. As a composing/production team, Steve and Michael have written and produced music for numerous films and television shows as well as songs for individual artists. Their Clients include Lifetime Channel, Food Network, HBO, Showtime, Sci Fi Channel, Sony, MTV and Oprah among many others.

Steve Gurevitch
Composer of film and TV music. Featured in “Who’s Who in Composing” - Hollywood Reporter. Accomplished drummer, graduated from Percussion Institute. Owner of Mixed Media.

Michael James Burns
Composer of film and TV music. Multi instrumentalist, skilled session guitar player, featured in many high profile advertising campaigns such as Marlboro Worldwide and Coca-Cola.
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