Ferhat Ozgur Kale

istanbul, Turkey

Genres musicaux :Electronique - Trip Hop / tempo lent, Electronique - Transe, Electronique - Lounge / Chill-out, Electronique - House / dance / progressive, Electronique - Big beat, Electronique - Ambient, Musique spécialisée - Bandes sonores alternatives, Musique spécialisée - Horreur / suspense, Musiques du monde - Tribal, Musiques du monde - Moyen-Orient, World - Ethnic Electronica, R&B - Moderne / Urban Contemporary
Bio : Born in Istanbul, Turkey, 1976. Graduated from M.S.U. Fine Arts University, School of Photography. Still living in Istanbul.
I, with my partner, have been recording professional
music on various genres since 2000, specialising in
instrumental music,
electronic and orchestral sounds.
We did several jingles for TV and radio commercials, wrote music for TV channel Corporate ID''''s, documentary films and TV series.
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