Fred Moolten

, United States

Fred Moolten
Genres musicaux :Enfants / décalé, Easy Listening, Gospel / chants religieux, Lounge / exotica, Classique - Moderne / avant-garde, Country - Classique, Jazz - Swing / big band, Jazz - Dixieland / ragtime, Blues - Electrique, Blues - Acoustique
Bio : Fred Moolten is a songwriter working primarily in the Folk and Blues genres with occasional forays into Country and Jazz. His first two albums, "The Way We Are" (2000) and "Moonlit River" (2004) were widely acclaimed, and his latest release, "No Other Prize", has taken him one step further toward recognition as among the finest working in these genres today. Something of an anomaly among contemporary songwriters, he is not a performer. "I can barely scrape by on the piano", he says, but adds that "paradoxically, this limitation has its advantages. In particular, since I won''t be singing my own songs, my imagination is free to write from both a male and female perspective, as might a novelist or playwright. I''m also very lucky and grateful to have found superb male and female singers to perform the songs". A common theme among reviewers as well as other music lovers is the evocative power of a Fred Moolten song listeners hear echoes of their own experiences in ways that can be so intensely personal that it almost comes as a surprise for them to realize that someone else once felt the same way.
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