Congressmen Richmond and Barletta with DHS Secretary on Trump Actions

Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond tells Homeland security Secretary John Kelly at a hearing of the House Homeland security committee that President Trump may be a so-called president or a fake president. Richmond asks whether Kelly will follow a proposed investigation into voter fraud, Kelly, answering that the federal government should assist all the states to ensure their systems are protected in future elections. Pennsylvania Congressman Lou Barletta notes his run for Congress as mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, then overrun by undocumented immigrants, placing a strain on his local government. Barletta refers to a stabbing incident carried out by a Somali student at Ohio State University the month before, Kelly says he must protect the nation in the home game, that hope is not a course of action for those in law enforcement when asked about the role of judges who act in an academic environment, but are ultimately protected by people like him and if something bad happens, judges are not called upon, but people like him are, expressing nothing but respect for judges who nonetheless live in a different world.


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